What Do You Mean Kitty? Why Cats Meow at Humans...

by Andrew Merz on May 22, 2020

What Do You Mean Kitty? Why Cats Meow at Humans...

Have you ever seen your cat at meow at other pet cats? Most likely not. Bur they can be very chatty to you, right? Sometimes you can have a whole conversation with them by meowing back.😹 Unlock the mystery below.

We'll explore why cats meow at people and what they are trying to say at you. You will be able to speak cat a little bit better after! 

Why do felines meow at you?

Your cat meows at you because she is trying to inform you something (obviously).

You see, adult cats don't meow at various other felines. Rather, they connect through fragrance, body language, face, and touch. The meow is human-directed interaction. Cats have actually learned that they can not connect with us the way they can with various other pet cats, which is why cats meow at people to communicate. Researchers think cats have actually improved this "meow" language to converse with humans.

Incredible, right?

As cat parents, it is essential that we recognize what our cat is trying to tell us, particularly when it comes to discomfort since cats can be extremely subtle when they are feeling pain.

So just how can we understand what our cat?

If you live with a chatty pet cat you will observe exactly how they have different versions to their meows and several variants in tone as well as quality. When your cat wants food or attention the meows will certainly sound pleasing. However if your pet cat is angry or frustrated, then the meow appears extremely unpleasant.

Let's break it down! The cat language deciphered!

  • Short Meow or a fast Mew. This is a Hello, they're welcoming to you.
  • Several Meows at you. When you come home from a lengthy day's work or your cat has not seen you for a while then you'll discover your cat might meow multiple times. This is a very ecstatic welcoming from your pet cat, something like "I'm really delighted to see you!"
  • Mid-pitch Meow. This is like a plea. For example, they may want food or attention.
  • Drawn out Meow. Your cat is demanding something, such as "let me out now!"
  • Low Pitch Meow. This is your cat grumbling to you concerning something you have actually done wrong.
  • High Pitch Meow. Your feline is angry or in pain. For example, if you have ever unintentionally stepped on your pet cat's tail, you may have heard her blurt a huge shrill meow.

Pet cats do not only just connect by meowing. They also purr, chirp and chatter. They meow at humans for numerous reasons, and it depends on us as pet cat moms and dads to try to recognize our felines and also determine what they want.

Here are a few other factors why cats may meow at people:

  • I'm stressed out. When cats are worried they often tend to become extra chatty than regular. For example, I lately took my cat to the veterinarian in an animal provider. He was clearly stressed and meowed continuously whilst in the vet.
  • I want food. You'll understand when your cat wants food since she has likely perfected a particular kind of meow. My cat will keep strolling behind me, meowing with a slight purr which indicates "I desire food now, feed me!".
  • Give me your focus. Occasionally all a pet cat just requires interest. The next time your cat meows at you for no apparent reason, provide her with some attention and play with her. She'll value that.
  • Let me in! When a cat is locked outdoors as well as wants to get in, she'll meow till you unlock. My cat will not stop meowing till the door is open.
  • I'm in heat. A female cat could yowl and meow when in heat.
  • I'm happy as well as content! This one is unique since your pet cat will not meow when she is content and also happy however will purr. It is necessary to keep in mind that cats will occasionally purr when they are in pain, too.

Our cats don't simply meow fun, however as a method of informing us what they desire something or to express how they feel. It is important that we pay attention carefully to our pet cats when they are trying to interact with us. Comprehending our cats helps build a strong bond.

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