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Carrier Bag for Cats - Extremely Easy Vet Visits & Grooming!

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Carrier Bag for Cats - Extremely Easy Vet Visits & Grooming!

See How Easy It Is to Transport Your Cat!

Cat Mama Favorite!

This cat carrier bag is everything you need to transport your cat! The bag is designed to make your cat feel comfortable!

He'll be able to have his head out the hole time which eases anxiety. You'll be amazed by how comfortable your cat will feel and how easy it will be for you to carry him. This is a must have to carry your cat to the vet or for going on adventures!

Feel confident when bringing your cat outside. Know that your little buddy is safe and is feeling good! This bag is a game change for managing your cat. Your life will be so much easier!

✅ Cats Are LESS ANXIOUS without Fear of Confinement

✅ Keeps Your Cat Calm & Comfortable

✅ Access Openings for Easy Nail Clipping

✅ Durable, Scratch Proof, Built to Last!

✅ Lightweight Easy to Carry

The bag's shoulder strap is very convenient when traveling in the car. You can easily pass the seat belt through the bag's strap keeping your cat safe.

No More Fear of Confinement

Many cats are afraid of confinement, which can makes capturing him unpleasant. But this cat carrier has a heads out design which eases that fear, so your cat stays calmer while you put it on. The bag is designed to keep your cat calm and comfortable while traveling, clipping nails or administering medicine!

Comfortably Fits All Cats

The Velcro collar adjusts to any-sized neck so the cat is gently restrained, and the bag allows him to move and stretch without feeling that restraint!

No More Breaking Your Back

The bag is lightweight and easy to carry! Compare this to a clunky heavy cage carrier!

Durable Cat Scratch Resistant

The bag is very durable and is made of cotton which is soft yet tightly woven to resist cat scratches from sharp claws. 

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