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Feather Boxer Cat Toy - ­čî┐Catnip Imbued!

$15.99 $29.99
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Feather Boxer Cat Toy - ­čî┐Catnip Imbued!

Turn Your Cat Into Rocky!­čąŐ

cat toy

This Cat Punching Bag Will Train Your Cat to Be World...Cutest Cat

Harness the power of momentum. No electricity required, This toy will rock back and forth without fail as your cat swats a good left and right hook!

Catnip Infused

We know a sniff of catnip makes happy cats! The infused catnip jazzes this toy up! Creating a special spark in this toy! 

Swaying Feather Target

This interactive cat toy measures in at 6.3 inches tall and features a flashy yellow ball on top that lures your cat out of the cat cave. The yellow ball can be swapped for the included yellow feather. Your cat will pounce and chase this target which helps chubby cats be active and do some exercise!­čĺ¬

Turn It on The Side and It's a Whole New Toy!

Try placing this toy on it's side and turn it into a spin teaser. Round and round the teaser will go giving your cat a new variation of stimulation.

This Is a Must Have Toy!

Cats Can Double Team This Toy!

Multiple cats can play together or just by themselves whether you are home or at work!  Cure feline boredom and show your cat some good old endless fun! The harder your cat punches the harder this toy punches back!

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