Keeping Indoor Cats Happy

by Andrew Merz on May 16, 2020

Keeping Indoor Cats Happy

It's a myth that going outside is a requirement for feline joy. Playing regularly with a cat and also providing them with amusing toys can easily satisfy their stalking impulse, keeping them busy and also provide the workout they need to stay healthy and balanced as well as happy!

With the winter upon us, below are some pointers for making the fantastic indoors an intriguing, feline-friendly environment that fulfills all of your cat's needs.

happy cats

Start Young
Kitties who are kept indoors are normally satisfied to stay there as they mature.

Screened Porches
Provide a screened porch for your buddy to experience the outdoors safely. Think about building a structure or buying a "catio" or similar unit to permit your feline to get a taste of the great outdoors without the getting into trouble. A normal fence might not stop various other animals from entering your lawn, so you need to constantly be present when you allow your feline outside in your yard.

Be sure to cat-proof the yard by checking that your fence has no getaway paths and by making toxic plants, yard chemicals as well as various other hazardous things unattainable.

Walk'em Doggy Style
If you reside in a calm neighborhood in which you can stroll without coming across loose canines, consider purchasing a harness and also training your cat to stroll on a chain. This training takes some time as well as persistence, for both you as well as the pet cat, and it's most convenient when your feline is young. Some cats can also be harnessed as well as tied to a stationary post while you both appreciate the outdoors while gardening nearby (however be sure to never ever leave your feline alone while they are tethered).

hang out
Mount a perch inside your home near a warm window; padded perches can be bought at many pet supply shops. One more option is a unit that sits in a home window framework (just like an a/c device) and will provide a safe and secure space in which your cat can socialize. Larger perches can attach to the side of a home or ground-floor apartment patio.

Cat Forts
Acquire a ready-made cat tower (often called a "kitty condo"), or make your very own. A cat tree can be short, or may extend from floor to ceiling. It gives wonderful climbing chances and, in multi-cat houses , develops even more play and locations by making the most of vertical room. If you can, put the fort along a window so your feline can see the activity outdoors.

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play time
Have fun with your cat each day. Attempt different kinds of toys that allow your cat to stalk, chase, attack and also kick. Make sure to change the playthings every so often to ensure that they seem "brand-new" as well as interesting to your cat.

Bring the outdoors inside!
Plant pet cat turf (available from family pet supply stores) inside so your feline can graze.

clean house
Cats can be clean freaks, so clean the litter box consistently.

Tag'em Boys
Indoor cats ought to still be outfitted with a collar as well as visible recognition. The occasional open window (ensure your windows have safe screens) or door offers an appealing possibility for your feline. And your feline may become scared and make a break for it . The collar as well as noticeable ID could help someone get your animal back to you.

Cyber ​​Kitty
For extra insurance, think about having your cat micro chipped and keep your call details with the integrated circuit computer registry. If you do lose your cat, contact your neighborhood animal sanctuary right away to file a record.

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