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Automatic Cat Water Dispenser

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Automatic Cat Water Dispenser

1 in 3 Cats Shows Signs of Kidney Disease Due to Dehydration🙀

This Cat Fountain Encourages Drinking!

✅ Encourages Drinking

✅ Super Silent Pump

✅ Charcoal Water Filtration

✅ Adjustable Flow Levels

✅ Keeps Your Kitty Healthy!

Clean & Filtered Water

Does your animal love drinking out of the faucet? This elegant fountain mimics the same experience. Dishwasher safe and charcoal filtered your pet will enjoy clean, running water. The fountain holds up to 80 oz of water and is very quiet.

Charcoal Filter

The charcoal filter removes odors, residual chlorine, and other impurities. This allows your pet to have clean and healthy water! Simply rinse the filter under cool water (to get rid of any loose charcoal) and place it into the bowl. 

USB or Standard Wall Plug

You can choose to use the standard wall plug or USB connection. This makes it more universal and allows you more flexibility.

Easy to Assemble & Clean

It's dishwasher safe and easy to assemble and clean. If you ever have some build up just use white vinegar to soak the non-electrical parts in.

Adjustable Flow Switch

The lever located on the front panel of the pump regulates the rate of flow. Experiment to see what level your cat is attracted to. Cats love running water!
The maximum or “+” creates the strongest flow.
The minimum or “-” creates the mildest flow.
Starting at the lowest setting is recommended.
Setting the lever at the maximum setting can cause splashing.

Help Your Cat Stay Hydrated with This Fountain!

100% Catisfaction Guarantee

We've made sooo many happy cats!

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