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Cat Tongue Comb

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Cat Tongue Comb

Lick Your Cat Back!

Build Your Bond With Your Cat!

Cat Tongue Textured Grooming Brush Helps you build an intimate bond with your cat

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Design inspired by real cat’s tongue.

TEXTURE: With cat tongue texture, mimics mother cat grooming her kittens.

TO BUILD INTIMATE BOND WITH YOUR CAT: For cats, licking is a sign of affection. Show how much you love your cat!


Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

It is a real sign of affection and they attempt to teach you how to groom yourself by licking you. Because the mother cat will frequently lick her kittens to clean them and also to calm them down, your cat also attempts to calm your anxiety when you are stressed out or sick, besides trying to keep you clean!

Cat Tongue Textured Grooming Brush

But we all know we can’t lick our cat back. And normal cat brush wouldn’t be the same. That’s why this brush is so unique and innovative. With a texture that mimics the real cat’s tongue, it will groom your cat, make your cat feel relaxed and show how much you love your cat!

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