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Cat Tunnel System - Catatstic Cat Playground

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Cat Tunnel System - Catatstic Cat Playground

The Ultimate Cat Playground!

Cats Love Playing Hide and Seek Using This!

✅ So much fun!

✅ Your cat's new hideaway

✅ Drop Treats or Teasers in the Center Hole

✅ EASY to Assemble or Store

This pet tunnel is a great toy for cats, kittens, rabbits, puppies and other small pets. 

Interactive Hanging Cat Toy Balls 

This cat tube tunnel is the ideal hideaway for indoor cats who love their own space.  There are interactive cat toy balls hanging at the end of cat toys tunnel to play with. You can also tease kitties using the center hole using feather fishing rods.

Easily Fold & Store

The cat collapsible tunnel is very easy to assemble and fold within minutes. The cat pop up tunnel also is very light weight and portable to carry or store.

There are several sizes to choose from: 2 ways pet tunnel, 3 ways pet tunnel, 4 ways pet tunnel to 5 ways pet tunnel, which are suitable for living room, bedroom, playroom or outdoors!

Time for Some Hide and Seek!

100% Catisfaction Guarantee

We've made sooo many happy cats!

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