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Corner Brush for Cats - Self Groomer with CATNIP🌿

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Corner Brush for Cats - Self Groomer with CATNIP🌿

Cats 😻Love This Wall Scratcher Corner!

cat scratch post

They can be installed on any surface. Try them out on all of your corners!


This is a self-grooming aid for cats is designed to appease cat emotions. It plays the role of a rubbing object which makes cats feel comfortable. The bristles have been designed after many experiments!


✅ Easily Installed

✅ Easy to Clean

✅ Desheds Excess Cat Hair

✅ Makes Your Cat Feel Comfortable

This self groomer is made of soft bristles to ensure gentle massaging and grooming without painful removal of fur or scratching skin. The soft bristles will never fall off!


Insert Catnip Behind the Silicone to Get Your Cat's Attention!

cat post

 Install to Corners Using Adhesive or Screws


It fits all wall corners, table legs or cabinet corners. Can be easily mounted on either flat surfaces or corners through double-sided stickers or screws.

This corner groomer brush will help to remove and collect cat access hair. The brush can be disassembled easily for cleaning.


Hair Sticks to the Comb Instead of Your Clothes!

Easily peal it off and throw the hair away!

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We've made sooo many happy cats!

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