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Portable Cat Hammock

$39.99 $49.99
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Portable Cat Hammock

The Coziest Cat Bed You’ll Ever Find!

Experiment to Find the Best Spot in Your House!

Want to treat your furry buddy with a comfy bed high up away from danger? This hanging cat resting place is ideal for your cat to feel safe!

You can mount it easily in high places around your house to give your cat the security of solitude that cats love. One secret spot that we've found perfect for this bed is by the radiator. In winter it gives our cats all the warmth they needs! Try all the spots in your house and see what your cat likes!

Try Hanging This Hammock in These Places!

✅ Radiator

✅ Window Ledge

✅ Balcony

✅ Living Room

✅ Stair Ledge

✅ Chair Back

✅ And High up In the Sky A Door!

The frame sets up easily and is strong enough to hold all your sleepy cats. Portable, reliable and cozy as a fluffy cloud! You wish you could nap here!

Want to get closer to your cat? Set the hammock close by to spend your lazy days beside one another!

Create the perfect winter bed by mounting the hammock on the radiator. Your cat will love you for it!

Cats ❤️ Altitude & Heat

Test Locations You Think Your Cat Is Going to Love!

The gentle blend of cotton and wool creates the perfect fabric to rest on to in every season! Like resting on a cloud. Your cat is going to love you for this bed!

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